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  The IDT72V2101/72V2111 are exceptionally deep, high speed, CMOS First-In-First-Out (FIFO) memories with clocked read and write controls. These FIFOs offer numerous improvements over previous SuperSync FIFOs, including the following: • The limitation of the frequency of one clock input with respect to the other has   been removed. The Frequency Select pin (FS) has been removed, thus   it is no longer necessary to select which of the two clock inputs, RCLK or   WCLK, is running at the higher frequency. • The period required by the retransmit operation is now fixed and short. • The first word data latency period, from the time the first word is written to an   empty FIFO to the time it can be read, is now fixed and short. (The variable   clock cycle counting delay associated with the latency period found on   previous SuperSync devices has been eliminated on this SuperSync family.) SuperSync FIFOs are particularly appropriate for network, video, telecommu- nications, data communications and other applications that need to buffer large amounts of data.
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  Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) is becoming a very popular scheme for pointCtoCpoint transfer of signals up to 200 MHz and for distances less than 25 meters. The LVDS signals fall under EIAC644 specifications. The LVDS signal sits at a dc. level of about 1.25 volts and is guaranteed to fall between 100 mV and 750 mV of differential swing. Since the NLAS44599 provides very small insertion loss, owing to frequency rollCoff or series resistance attenuation, it makes an ideal switch for differential pairs. The NLAS44599 consists of two independent DPST switches; therefore, it only takes one of this device to select between two LVDS signals going to a single transceiver.   Figure 4 shows oneChalf of the mm2 device used to switch between two differential pairs. No biasing is required since the LVDS specification calls for the signal to be at


The bq2060 uses a fully differential, dynamically bal- anced voltage-to-frequency converter (VFC) for charge measurement and a sigma delta analog-to-digital con- verter (ADC) for battery voltage, current, and tempera- ture measurement.

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NFM062MB-TE3 92 92 SMD 990
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