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PT7313 More Information

Mfg: PTC
Pack: SOP28
D/C: 0027+


A recommended PCB pad layout for the miniature SOT-323 (SC-70) package is shown in Figure 6 (dimensions are in inches). This layout provides ample allowance for package placement by auto- mated assembly equipment without adding parasitics that could impair the performance.
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The MAX9384 fully differential dual 2:1 multiplexer (mux) features extremely low propagation delay (560ps max) and output-to-output skew (40ps max). The device is ideal for clock and data multiplexing applica- tions. The two 2:1 muxes are controlled individually or simultaneously through mux select inputs COM_SEL, SEL0, and SEL1. The mux select inputs are compatible with ECL/PECL logic, and are referenced to on-chip outputs VBB0 and VBB1, nominally VCC - 1.33V. The differential inputs D, D can be configured to accept a single-ended signal when the unused complementary input is connected to the on-chip supply output VBB as a reference voltage. All the differential inputs have bias and clamp circuits that force the outputs to a low default when the inputs are left open or at VEE. The sin- gle-ended mux select inputs have pulldowns to VEE, providing low default inputs when the select inputs are left open. The device operates with a wide supply range (VCC - VEE) of +3.0V to +5.5V for PECL or -3.0V to -5.5V for ECL, and is pin compatible with the MC100LVEL56 and MC100EL56. The MAX9384 is offered in a 20-pin wide SO package, and is specified for operation from -40C to +85C.


The PT7313 is a dual operational amplifier designed for customer premise line driving in DMT ADSL solutions. This device features a high drive capability of 360mA while consuming only 7.5mA of supply current per amplifier and operating from a single 5V to 15V supply. This driver achieves a typical distortion of less than -85dBc, at 150kHz into a 25Ω load. The PT7313 is available in the thermally- enhanced 16-pin SO (0.150") and a 16-pin QFN (4x4mm) packages. The PT7313 is specified for operation over the full -40C to +85C temperature range. Electrical characteristics are given for typical 15V supply operation.

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PT7313 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
PT7313 0027+ 0027+ SOP28 2649
PT7313 SOP SOP 01+ 2500
PT7313 04/05 04/05 SOP-28 7.2mm 12150
PT7313 0027+ 0027+ SOP28 2649
PT7313 00+ 00+ SOP28 2,006 original parts in stock
PT7313 N/A N/A N/A 1000
PT7313 0027+ 0027+ SOP28 2649 ORIGINAL
PT7313 0027+ 0027+ SOP28 2649
PT7313 N/A N/A SOP28 2649 New & Original/stock
PT70145 TSSOP20 TSSOP20 01 770
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