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053-00131-00 More Information

Pack: DIP-24P
D/C: 6+


LED backlight modules are combination modules of custom light- source and light guide that luminous intensity distribution is adjusted. This module is perfect for Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) because slim and light of uniform illumination over the entire surface of the module can achieved with optional size.
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Traditional Approach to CDS There are a number of techniques for dealing with the varying- offset idiosyncrasy of CCD's. The most prevalent has been what can be called the "sample-sample-subtract" technique. This approach requires the use of two high-speed sample-hold (S/H) amplifiers and a difference amplifier. The first S/H is used to acquire and hold a given pixel's offset. Immediately after that, the second S/H acquires and holds the same pixels offset+video signal. After both the S/H outputs have fully settled, the difference amplifier subtracts the offset from the offset+video yielding the valid video signal.


The sectoring of the 053-00131-00s memory array has been optimized to meet the needs of todays BIOS applications. By optimizing the size of the sectors, the BIOS code memory space can be used more efficiently. Because certain BIOS code modules must reside in their own sectors by themselves, the wasted and unused memory space that occurred with previous generation BIOS Flash memory devices can be greatly reduced. This increased memory space efficiency allows additional BIOS routines to be developed and added while still main- taining the same overall device density.

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053-00131-00 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
053-00131-00 DIP DIP 04+ 500 NEW
053-00131-00 2005 2005 31 DIP stock
053-00131-00 2007+ 2007+ DIP24 9985 E-mail to me.
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053-00131-00 96+97+ 96+97+ DIP-24P 2129
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053-00131-00 6+ 6+ DIP-24P 3 New & original, stock offer
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