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225P10291WD3 More Information

Mfg: SP
D/C: 05/06+


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  The A225P10291WD3EU/LU, A225P10291WD3EU/LU, and A225P10291WD3EU/LU Hall effect gear-tooth sensors are monolithic integrated circuits that switch in response to differential magnetic fields created by ferrous targets. These devices are ideal for use in gear-tooth-based speed, position, and timing applications and operate down to zero rpm over a wide range of air gaps and temperatures. When combined with a back- biasing magnet and proper assembly techniques, devices can be configured to give 50% duty cycle or to switch on either leading, trailing, or both edges of a passing gear tooth or slot.


 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur.  Maximum ratings applied to the device are individual stress limit values (not  normal operating conditions) and are not valid simultaneously. If these limits  are exceeded, device functional operation is not implied, damage may occur  and reliability may be affected. 1. Lead Temperature reference is cathode lead 1/32 in from case. *For additional information on our Pb−Free strategy and soldering details, please  download the ON Semiconductor Soldering and Mounting Techniques  Reference Manual, SOLDERRM/D.

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225P10291WD3 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
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