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29Z0003PCN More Information

Mfg: FUJ
Pack: N/A


The LT®5519 mixer is designed to meet the high linearity requirements of wireless and cable infrastructure trans- mission systems. A high speed, internally 50Ω matched, LO amplifier drives a double-balanced mixer core, allow- ing the use of a low power, single-ended LO source. An RF output transformer is integrated, thus eliminating the need for external matching components at the RF output, while reducing system cost, component count, board area and system-level variations. The IF port can be easily matched to a broad range of frequencies for use in many different applications.
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Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI Standards EIA/TIA-423-B and -232-E and ITU Recommendations V.10 and V.28 Output Slew Rate Control Output Short-Circuit-Current Limiting Wide Supply Voltage Range 8-Pin Package Designed to Be Interchangeable With National DS9636A


The XR29Z0003PCN (2850) is a dual universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter (UART). The 2850 provides enhanced UART functions with 128 byte FIFO, automatic RS-485 half duplex control, a modem control interface, and data rates up to 1.5 Mbps. Onboard status registers provide the user with error indications and operational status. System interrupts and modem control features may be tailored by external software to meet specific user requirements. An internal loopback capability allows onboard diagnostics. Independent programmable baud rate generators are provided to select transmit and receive clock rates up to 1.5 Mbps. The baud rate generator can be configured for either crystal or external clock input. The 2850 is available in a 40-pin PDIP, 44-pin PLCC, and 48-pin TQFP packages. The 40 pin package does not offer TXRDY and RXRDY pins (DMA Signal monitoring). Otherwise the three package versions are the same. The 2850 is functionally compatible with the ST16C2550. The 2850 is fabricated in an advanced CMOS process to achieve low drain power and high speed requirements.

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29Z0003PCN Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
29Z0003PCN N/A N/A 5000 07+/08+
29Z0002TM TSOP TSOP 03+ 1000
29Z0002TM 内存 1000
29Z0002TN N/A N/A 03+ 139
29Z0002TN 03+ 03+ TSOP 139
29Z0003PCN N/A N/A 5000 07+/08+
29Z0006-10 BGA BGA 03+ 15
29Z0008-70 BGA BGA 02+ 97
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