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2N1369 More Information

Mfg: MOT
Pack: CAN


If, after the ISL6118 has latched off, and the fault has asserted and the enable is not deasserted but the OC condition still exists, the ISL6118 (unlike other IC devices) does not send to the controller a continuous string of fault pulses. The ISL6118s single fault signal is sent at the time of latch off.
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• Single power supply: 5 V 10% • Full TTL compatibility • Multiport organization   RAM: 256K word ¥ 4 bits   SAM: 512 word ¥ 4 bits • Fast page mode • Write per bit • Masked flash write • Masked block write • RAS only refresh • CAS before RAS refresh • Hidden refresh • Serial read/write • 512 tap location • Bidirectional data transfer • Split transfer • Masked write transfer • Refresh: 512 cycles/8 ms • Package options:   28-pin 400 mil plastic ZIP (ZIP28-P-400-1.27)   28-pin 400 mil plastic SOJ (SOJ28-P-400-1.27)


• Flame retardant encapsulant (UL 94V-0). • Completely encapsulated winding provides superior   environmental protection and moisture resistance. • High current unit in surface mount package printed with   model, inductance value and date code. • Compatible with infrared or conventional reflow soldering   methods. • Pick and place compatible. • Tape and reel packaging for automatic handling.

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2N1369 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
2N1369 CAN 8100
2N1369 06+ 06+ 8100
2N100 1350
2N100 CAN 3200
2N100 n/a n/a 17
2N100 1000 1000 CAN3
2N100 06+ 06+ 3880
2N1000 04+ 04+ 1000
2N1000 99+ 99+ 2687
2N1000 99+ 99+ CAN 2687
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