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Pack: CAN


In conjunction with the V103 transmitter, the V104 can transmit 10 bits per color (R, G, B) along with 5 bits of control and timing data (HSYNC, VSYNC, DE, CNTL1, CNTL2) over a low EMI, low bus width connection including connectors and standard LVDS cabling.
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The 2N2013 is a fully differential audio power amplifier primarily designed for demanding applications in mobile phones and other portable communication device applica- tions. It is capable of delivering 1.1 watt of continuous aver- age power to an 8Ω BTL load with less than 1% distortion (THD+N) from a 5VDC power supply.


• PI74FCT827/828/2827/2828T are pin compatible with bipolar  FAST™ Series at a higher speed and lower power  consumption • 25Ω series resistor on all outputs (FCT2XXX only) • TTL input and output levels • Low ground bounce outputs • Extremely low static power • Hysteresis on all inputs • Industrial operating temperature range: C40C to +85C • Packages available:  C 24-pin 300-mil wide plastic DIP (P)  C 24-pin 150-mil wide plastic QSOP (Q)  C 24-pin 150-mil wide plastic TQSOP (R)  C 24-pin 300-mil wide plastic SOIC (S)

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2N2013 CAN 976
2N2013 CAN 541 new in stock
2N2013 01+ 01+ CAN 1325
2N2013 01+ 01+ CAN 3485
2N200 CAN 1008
2N200 860
2N200 CAN 3880
2N200 CAN 689 new in stock
2N200 1000 1000 CAN3
2N200 01+ 01+ CAN 1160
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