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current requirement makes the usage of MAS9162 easier and low in cost. Also the minimum output capacitance requirement is very low. This combined with very short start-up time makes it possible to switch the regulator off and on even in timing critical and/or noise sensitive applications. An internal thermal protection circuit prevents the device from overheating. Also the maximum output current is internally limited. In order to save power the device goes into sleep mode when the regulator is disabled.
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Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB molded plastic body Terminals: Plated leads, solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026 Polarity: As marked Mounting Position: Any Mounting Torque: 10 in-lbs maximum Weight: 0.08 ounce, 2.24 grams


Applying a LOW to the INIT input causes an immediate load of the programmed initialize word into the pipeline register and onto the outputs. The INIT LOW disables clock and must return HIGH to enable clock independent of all other inputs, including the clock.

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40N03GP Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
40N03 03+ 03+ TO-252 10456
40N03 OO OO TO252 60 STOCK!!!
40N03 TO-252 TO-252 雷达 01+ original &in STK
40N03 04+ 04+ TO252
40N03 04+ 04+ TO263
40N03 00+ 00+ TO252 60
40N03 TO-252 2000
40N03 1000
40N03 N/A N/A N/A 3000
40N03H 1678 1678
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