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52S20540406 More Information

Pack: DIP
D/C: 01+


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52S20540406 PDF

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In this example 5V power-supplies were used, with the IC flip- flop powered by the positive supply. The negative supply-volt- age may be increased to -15V, with the positive-supply at 5V to satisfy the logic supply voltage requirements. Outputs from the clocked flip-flop are applied through PNP transistors to gate the CA3080 amplifier-bias-current terminals. The grounded-base configuration is used to minimize capacitive feed-through cou- pling via the base-collector junction of the PNP transistor.


Pericom Semiconductors PI3B series of logic circuits are produced using the Companys advanced submicron CMOS technology, achieving industry leading performance. The 52S20540406 is a 5-bit, 4-port bus switch with exchange designed with a low ON resistance allowing inputs to be connected directly to outputs. The bus switch creates no additional propagational delay or additional ground bounce noise. The switches are turned ON by the Bus Enable (BE) input signal, and the Bus Exchange (BX) input signal offers nibble swapping of the AB and CD pairs of signals. This exchange configuration allows byte swapping of buses in systems. It can also be used as a quad 2-to-1 multiplexer and to create low delay barrel shifters, etc.

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52S20540406 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
52S20540406 DIP-40 439
52S20540406 99+ 80
52S20540406 01+ 01+ DIP 488
52S0049 07+ 07+ 2618
52S03310102 N/A N/A 38503 00+ MAIL TO TALK
52S03310102 07+ 07+ DIP18 22508
52S20240211 N/A N/A 38503 00+ MAIL TO TALK
52S20240211 01+ 01+ 4009 in stock
52S20240211 07+ 07+ DIP18 22508
52S20240211 DIP-18 DIP-18 00+ 1
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