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6417709S-133 More Information

Pack: TQFP
D/C: 0331+


Optional accessories for module-type MCC 95 version 1 B Keyed gate/cathode twin plugs with wire length = 350 mm, gate = yellow, cathode = red Type ZY 200L (L = Left for pin pair 4/5)UL 758, style 1385, Type ZY 200R (R = right for pin pair 6/7)CSA class 5851, guide 460-1-1
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To measure the performance of the sensor in the module, a sensor test mode is implemented. This test mode is activated via the test pin TEST1, which is normally left open. When connecting the pin TEST1 to an external 12V supply (with respect to the asic ground VSS) via a resistor of 220 Kohm the test mode is activated and the output of the on chip integrator is now available at the pin TEST1.


Traditional programmable logic architectures do not implement arithmetic functions efficiently or effectively. These functions require high logic cell usage while garnering only moderate performance results. By embedding a dynamically reconfigurable computational unit, the QuickMIPS chip can address various arithmetic functions efficiently and effectively providing for a robust DSP platform. This approach offers greater performance than traditional programmable logic implementations. The ECU block is ideal for complex DSP, filtering, and algorithmic functions. The QuickMIPS architecture allows functionality above and beyond that achievable using DSP processors or programmable logic devices. The embedded block is implemented at the transistor level with the following block diagram in Figure 2.

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6417709S-133 Suppliers

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6417709S-133 02,03 02,03 QFP208 2000
6417709S-133 1500 NEW&ORIGINAL
6417709S-133 0230 0230 QFP 100 NEW IN STOCK
6417709S-133 02,03 02,03 QFP208 4980 in stock
6417709S-133 07/08+ 07/08+ 130 new & original package and in our stock
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