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7FLITE05M6 More Information

Mfg: ST
Pack: 05+
D/C: SOP-16


The 7FLITE05M6 is a high-performance, low-skew, low-jitter, phase-lock loop clock multiplier. It uses a PLL to precisely align, in both frequency and phase, the output clocks to the input clock signal including a multiplication factor of four. The 7FLITE05M6 operates from a nominal supply voltage of 3.3 V. The device also includes integrated series-damping resistors in the output drivers that make it ideal for driving point-to-point loads.
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ParametersMin. Typ. Max. Units Conditions AC Electrical Characteristics (Contd) Transmitter Output Rise Time50ns Pins 8, 10; R L = 130, C L = 15pF, 10% to 90% Output Fall Time50ns Pins 8, 10; R L = 130, C L = 15pF, 90% to 10% Rising Edge Delay100 ns Pins 8, 10; R L = 130, C L = 15pF, 50% to 50%   (I/P to O/P) Falling Edge Delay100 ns Pins 8, 10; R L = 130, C L = 15pF, 50% to 50%   (I/P to O/P)


The features of 7FLITE05M6-XC / 7FLITE05M6-XC-W are listed below.   * FeaturesLow Power Consumption   Low Profile (9.8mm Max) Plastic Molded Package   Multi-sourcedFootprint   Transmitter...... Uncooled Laser with Automatic Power Control IC   Class 1 Laser Product (IEC 825-1 and FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11)   Receiver.........Wide Dynamic Range   7FLITE05M6ignal Detect (FLAG) Function

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7FLITE05M6 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
7FLITE05M6 2077 2077 04+ SOP-16
7FLITE05M6 06+ 06+ ST SOP16
7FLITE05M6 07+ 07+ SOP-16 77 Special offer stock
7FLITE05M6 2300 2300
7FLITE05M6 04+ 04+ SOP-16 2077 long-term stock
7FLITE05M6 06+ 06+ SOP 300
7FLITE05M6 07+ 07+ SOP 22508
7FLITE05M6 SOP-16 SOP-16 05+ 1400
7FLITE05M6 04+ 04+ SMD16 111
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