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Designed utilizing CMOS process technology, the FAN2500/01 family of products are carefully optimized for use in compact battery-powered devices, offering a unique combination of low power consumption, extremely low dropout voltages, high tolerance for a variety of output capacitors, and the ability to disable the output to less than 1µA under user control. In the circuit, a difference amplifier controls the current through a series-pass P-Channel MOSFET, comparing the load voltage at the output with an onboard low-drift bandgap reference. The series resistance of the pass P-Channel MOSFET is approximately 1Ω, resulting in an unusually low dropout voltage under load when compared to older bipolar pass-transistor designs.
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  260C for more than 10 seconds. • When shifting from preheating to soldering, the   maximum temperature gradient should be 5C or less. • After soldering has been completed, the device should   be allowed to cool naturally for at least three minutes.   Gradual cooling should be used as the use of forced   cooling will increase the temperature gradient and   result in latent failure due to mechanical stress. • Mechanical stress or shock should not be applied dur-   ing cooling * Soldering a device without preheating can cause exces- sive thermal shock and stress which can result in damage to the device.


Note 1: LXSU has internal clamp diodes to PVSU and PGSU, LXM has internal clamp diodes to PVM and PGM, and LXSD has inter-   nal clamp diodes to PVSD and PGSD. Applications that forward bias these diodes should take care not to exceed the   devices power dissipation limits.

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88I4300-TEH 9990
88I4300-TEH 08+ 08+ QFP-144 5080
88I4300-TEH TQFP TQFP 02+ 40
88I1041S-BAE 05+ 05+ BGA 376
88I4300TEH QFP208-2828 QFP208-2828 97 141
88I4300TEH . 2000 call me any time
88I4300TEH 0 0 TQFP176-2020 25463 Talk to Email
88I4300TEH 00 00 TQFP176-2020 25463 In stock
88I4300TEH 00 00 TQFP176-2020 1980
88I4300TEH 00 00 TQFP176-2020 1980
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