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The processor features a full set of program control, logical, and integer arithmetic instructions. All instructions are sixteen bits wide, although some instructions require operands, which may occupy another one or two words. Several special short immediate instructions are available, so that certain frequently used operations with small constant operand will fit into a 16-bit instruction.
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PCI Bus Command / Byte Enable: The command signaling and byte enables are multiplexed on the same pins. During the address phase of a transaction, C/BE[3:0]# are interpreted as the bus commands. During the data phase, C/BE[3:0]# are interpreted as byte enables. The byte enables are to be valid for the entirety of each data phase, and they indicate which bytes in the 32-bit data path are to carry meaningful data for the current data phase. Cycle Frame: This signal indicates to the A21DC that a bus transaction is beginning.While FRAME# is asserted, data transfers continue. When FRAME# is de-asserted, the transaction is in its final phase. Initiator Ready: This signal indicates the initiating agents ability to complete the current data phase of the transaction. IRDY# is used in conjunction with TRDY#. Target Ready: This signal indicates target Agent's the A21DCs ability to complete the current data phase of the transaction. TRDY# is used in conjunction with IRDY#. Stop: This signal indicates the current target is requesting the master to stop the current transaction. Initialization Device Select: This input is used as chip select during configuration read and write transactions.This is a point-to-point signal. IDSEL can be used as a chip select during configuration read and write transactions. Device Select: This signal is driven active LOW when the PCI address is recognized as supported, thereby acting as the target for the current PCI cycle. The Target must respond before timeout occurs or the cycle will terminate. Parity Error: The output is driven active LOW when a data parity error is detected during a write phase. System Error: This output is driven active LOW to indicate an address parity error.


NEC PC, Apollo, Sun-4, and Hewlett-Packard 700 Series C Interfaces to popular design environments like   Viewlogic, Mentor Graphics and OrCAD C Fully automatic partitioning, placement and routing C Interactive design editor for design optimization C 288 macros, 34 hard macros, RAM/ROM compiler

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A21DC n/a n/a DIP8 100 new&unused in stock
A21DC 07+ 07+ DIP8 495 STOCK
A21DC DIP-8 DIP-8 543 300
A21DC DIP DIP 02+ 1939
A21DC 04+ 700
A21DC N/A N/A N/A 2500
A21DC DIP8 1300 STRC Verified
A21DC 00+ 00+ DIP8 1200
A210-0022-001 DIP8 DIP8 98+ 3408
A2103-13 03+ 03+ DIP 204
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