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The chip enable-controlled access is initiated by CE going active while OE remains asserted, PE remains deasserted, and the addresses remain stable for the entire cycle. After the specified tELQV is satisfied, the eight-bit word addressed by A(14:0) appears at the data outputs DQ(7:0).
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To accelerate the product development cycle, Broadcom can support the design of handset system solutions, including complete handset or modem software, evaluation boards, and reference designs. Extensive integration support through GSM Certification Forum (GCF), Inter- Operability Testing (IOT), and worldwide network testing can also be provided.


DESCRIPTION The A472G is multi-chip device containing an 8 Mbit boot block Flash memory and a 1 Mbit of SRAM. The device is offered in the new Chip Scale Package solutions: LBGA48 1.0 mm ball pitch and LGA48 1.0 mm land pitch. The two components, of the packages overall 9 Mbit of memory, are distinguishable by use of the three chip enable lines: EF for the Flash memory, E1S and E2S for the SRAM. The Flash memory component is identical with the M29W008 device. It is a non-volatile memory that may be erased electrically at the block or chip level and programmed in-system on a Byte-by-Byte ba- sis using only a single 2.7V to 3.6V V CCF supply. For Program and Erase operations the necessary high voltages are generated internally. The device can also be programmed in standard program- mers. The array matrix organization allows each block to be erased and reprogrammed without af- fecting other blocks. Instructions for Read/Reset, Auto Select for read- ing the Electronic Signature, Programming, Block

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A472G 95+ 95+ DIP 289
A472G 95+ 95+ A 299
A472G 95+ 95+ DIP 299
A472G N/A N/A 11 new and original in warehouse
A472G 95+ 95+ DIP 299
A472G 11 11 N/A Stock & New, We work 24 hours/day
A472G N/A N/A 11
A472G 95+ 95+ DIP 299 original parts in stock
A472G DIP 299
A472G N/A N/A N/A 1200
A472G DIP 299 in stock
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