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Pack: 04+
D/C: QFP1420-100


The NT7702 is a 240-bit output segment/common driver LSI suitable for driving large scale dot matrix LCD panels using as PDA/personal computers/work stations. Through the use of SST (Super Slim TCP) technology, it is ideal for substantially decreasing the size of the frame section of the LCD module. The NT7702 is good as both a segment driver and as a common driver, and a low power consuming, high-
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The low-cost ADS-950 is an 18-bit, 500kHz sampling A/D converter. This device accurately samples full-scale input signals up to Nyquist frequencies with no missing codes. This feature, combined with excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and total harmonic distortion (THD), makes the ADS-950 the ideal choice for both time-domain (medical imaging, scanners, process control) and frequency-domain (radar, telecommunica- tions, spectrum analysis) applications.


Timekeeping supply voltage ranging from 1.45 to 5.5V Low power consumptionRx5C348A: 0.35µA TYP (0.8µA MAX) at VDD=3V   Rx5C348B: 0.55µA TYP (1.0µA MAX) at VDD=3V Only four signal lines (CE, SCLK, SI, and SO) required for connection to the CPU. Maximum clock frequency of 2 MHz (with VDD = 5V) Time counters (counting hours, minutes, and seconds) and calendar counters (counting years, months, days, and weeks) (in BCD format) Interrupt circuit configured to generate interrupt signals (with interrupts ranging from 0.5 seconds to 1 month) to the CPU and provided with an interrupt flag and an interrupt halt 2 alarm interrupt circuits (Alarm_W for week, hour, and minute alarm settings and Alarm_D for hour and minute alarm settings) 32-kHz clock output circuit (Nch. open drain output) The Rx5C348A is designed to disable 32-kHz clock output in response to a command from the host computer and the Rx5C348B is designed to keep 32-kHz output enabled. Oscillation halt sensing circuit which can be used to judge the validity of internal data Supply voltage monitoring circuit with two supply voltage monitoring threshold settings Automatic identification of leap years up to the year 2099 Selectable 12-hour and 24-hour mode settings Built-in oscillation stabilization capacitors (CG and CD) High precision oscillation adjustment circuit Ultra-compact SSOP10 (RS5C348A/B), SSOP10G (RV5C348A/B), TSSOP10G (RT5C348B) CMOS process

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A8000 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
A8000 05+ 05+ ASUS 500
A8000 04+ 04+ QFP 1012 in stock
A8000 QFP1420-100 QFP1420-100 04+ 2
A8000 05+ 05+ QFP-128 500
A8000 1782 QFP STRC Verified
A8000 ASLIS ASLIS 126 07+/08+
A800 N/A 1000
A800 05+ 05+ CAN 260
A8000 05+ 05+ ASUS 500
A8000 04+ 04+ QFP 1012 in stock
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