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Mfg: TOS
Pack: TO-92L
D/C: 06+


  The CS4192 is a monolithic BiCMOS integrated circuit used to translate a digital 10Cbit word from a microprocessor/microcontroller to complementary DC outputs. The DC outputs drive an airCcore meter commonly used in vehicle instrument panels. The 10 bits of data are used to linearly control the quadrature coils of the meter directly with a 0.35 resolution and 1.2 accuracy over the full 360 range of the gauge. The interface from the microcontroller is by a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible serial connection using up to a 2.0 MHz shift clock rate.   The digital code, which is directly proportional to the desired gauge pointer deflection, is shifted into a DAC and multiplexer. These two blocks provide a tangential conversion function to change the digital data into the appropriate DC coil voltage for the angle demanded. The tangential algorithm creates approximately 40% more torque in the meter movement than does a sinCcos algorithm at 45, 135, 225, and 315 angles. This increased torque reduces the error due to pointer droop at these critical angles.   Each output buffer is capable of supplying up to 70 mA per coil and the buffers are controlled by a common OE enable pin. The output buffers are turned off when OE is brought low, while the logic portion of the chip remains powered and continues to operate normally. OE must be high before the falling edge of CS to enable the output buffers. The status pin (ST) reflects the state of the outputs and is low whenever the outputs are disabled.   The Serial Gauge Driver is selfCprotected against fault conditions. Each driver is protected for 125 mA (typ.) overcurrent while a global thermal protection circuit limits junction temperature to 170C (typ.). The output drivers are disabled anytime the IC protection circuitry detects an overcurrent or overtemperature fault. The drivers remain disabled until a falling edge is presented on CS. If the fault is still present, the output drivers automatically disable themselves again.
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The sync-signal generator uses signals VS and BLN to produce the horizontal and vertical sync signals BLN2, HS2, VS1 and VS2. It supplies the composite sync signal CSY for the 100-Hz teletext, the control signal MUX for implementing a simple frame Featurebox and the frame signal FRM for inserting a colored frame in multi-picture, still-in-picture and picture-in-still modes. Signal CFH is output to prevent the bottom flutter effect in the video cassette recorder mode.


  The A966, along with other devices in the Zarlink 2Mbit PCM signalling series comprise a group of circuits which will perform the common channel signalling and error detection functions for a 2.048Mbit PCM transmission link operating in accordance with the appropriate CCITT recommendations. The circuits are fabricated in CMOS and operate from a single +5V supply with all inputs and outputs being TTL compatible.   The A966 is an encoder/decoder for the HDB3 pseudo- ternary transmission code, described in Annex A of CCITT Recommendation G.703. The device encodes and decodes simultaneously and asynchronously. Error monitoring functions are provided to detect violations of the HDB3 coding, all ones detection and loss of input (all zeros detection) In addition a loop back function is provided for terminal testing. The A966 may be selected to function in either internal or external clock recovery modes. Internal clock recovery mode may be selected tor either 1.544MHz or 2.048MHz operation and in this mode an external 16.384MHz crystal (12.352MHz for 1.544MHz operation) is required. External clock recovery mode may be selected for 1.544MHz, 2.048MHz or 8.448MHz operation.

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Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
A966 02+ 02+ TO-92 1000
A966 TO-92L TO-92L 5000
A966 袋装 袋装 80
A966 TO-92L TO-92L original &in STK
A966 06+ 06+ 3,500 new and original
A966 N/A N/A TO-92L 100000
A966 TO-92 375
A966 TO-92L 500 Delivery
A966 TO-92L 3000 Delivery
A966 08年新货 08年新货 TO-92L 1468000
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