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Mfg: 5


attributes through memory-mapped control registers (MMRs) an extension not found on the i960 Kx, Sx or Cx processors. Physical and logical configu- ration registers enable the processor to operate with all combinations of bus width and data object alignment. The processor supports a homogeneous byte ordering model.
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Fully compliant with the Universal Serial Bus Specification, version 1.1 USB keyboard design is compliant with USB Device Class Definition for Human Interface Devices (HID), version 1.1 Built-in 3.3v voltage regulator allows single +5V operating voltage drawing directly from USB bus. Support for 19 x 8 standard key matrix. An Fn pin to selection of alternative matrix. Support separate ACPI keys. One pin dedicated for all-in-one ACPI function and also editable in the 19x8 key matrix Each key can be individually programmed for standard key code, ACPI or multimedia usage Ability to configure the generic LEDs to blink on and off at a rate of 512ms. Additional LED1 (vendor defined)


When CS is HIGH, the AB2C250 is deselected and the SO pin is at high impedance, and (unless an internal write cycle is underway) the device will be in the standby state. CS LOW enables the AB2C250, placing it in the active power mode. It should be noted that after a power-up, a HIGH to LOW transition on CS is required prior to the start of any operation.

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AB2C250 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
AB2C250 02+ 02+ SOP-8 937
AB2C250 25 SMD
AB2C250 104 104 N/A SMD
AB20 SMD SMD 04+ 200 NEW
AB2011 BGA BGA 06+? 6350
AB2011 BGA BGA 06+ 6350
AB2011R1A 2007 2007 5000 Pledge, guarantee 90 days"
AB2011R1A 2007 2007 5000 Pledge, guarantee 90 days"
AB2012 BGA BGA 06+? 6350
AB2012 BGA BGA 06+ 6350
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