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The LM5110 Dual Gate Driver replaces industry standard gate drivers with improved peak output current and effi- ciency. Each compound output driver stage includes MOS and bipolar transistors operating in parallel that together sink more than 5A peak from capacitive loads. Combining the unique characteristics of MOS and bipolar devices reduces drive current variation with voltage and temperature. Sepa- rate input and output ground pins provide Negative Drive Capability allowing the user to drive MOSFET gates with positive and negative VGS voltages. The gate driver control inputs are referenced to a dedicated input ground (IN_REF). The gate driver outputs swing from VCC to the output ground VEE which can be negative with respect to IN_REF. The ability to hold MOSFET gates off with a negative VGS volt- age reduces losses when driving low threshold voltage MOSFETs often used as synchronous rectifiers. When driv- ing with conventional positive only gate voltage, the IN_REF and VEE pins are connected together and referenced to a common ground. Under-voltage lockout protection and a shutdown input pin are also provided. The drivers can be operated in parallel with inputs and outputs connected to double the drive current capability. This device is available in the SOIC-8 and the thermally-enhanced LLP-10 packages.
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f=1KHz,THD=1% Volume=0dB VIN=1Vrms, f=1kHz Volume=0dB VIN=0.25Vrms, f=1kHz Volume=+12dB VIN=2.5Vrms, f=1kHz Volume=-12dB VIN=0.25Vrms, f=1kHz Volume=+12dB , Ach - Bch VIN=2.5Vrms, f=1kHz Volume=-12dB , Ach - Bch f=1KHz, VIN=1Vrms Volume=Mute, A-weighted Volume=0dB, Rg=0,A-weighted f=1KHz,Vo=1Vrms, Volume=0dB, BW:400 C 30kHz


Control Word - The Control Word Register is selected by the Read/Write Logic when ADDR(1:0) = 11. If the CPU then does a write operation to the B1202T-TL, the data is stored in the Control Word Register and is interpreted as a Control Word used to define the opera- tion of the Counters.

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