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1 Current Sense5 Inverting Input 2 No Connection6 Negative Power Supply 3 Positive Power Supply7 No Connection 4 Non-Inverting Input8 Output Drive The above pin out table is for the MSK B647 (TO-3). Refer to the mechanical specifications page for the pin out information of addi- tional package styles.
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The TPS712xx family of low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators is tailored to noise-sensitive and RF appli- cations. These products feature dual 250 mA LDOs with ultralow noise, high power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR), and fast transient and start-up response. Each regulator output is stable with low-cost 2.2 µF ceramic output capacitors and features very low dropout voltages (125 mV typical at 250 mA). Each regulator achieves fast start-up times (approximately 60 µs with a 0.001 µF bypass capacitor) while consuming very low quiescent current (300 µA typical with both outputs enabled). When the device is placed in standby mode, the supply current is re- duced to less than 0.3 µA typical. Each regulator exhibits approximately 32 µVrms of output voltage noise with VOUT = 2.8 V and a 0.01 µF noise reduction (NR) capacitor. Applications with analog components that are noise-sensitive, such as port- able RF electronics, will benefit from high PSRR, low noise, and fast line and load transient features. The TPS712 family is offered in a thin 3mm x 3mm SON package and is fully specified from -40C to +125C (TJ).


Built-in oscillator needs only 5% resistor Data code polarity: C HT12A/C/E/EA: Positive polarity C HT12B: Negative polarity Minimal external components 18-pin DIP or 20-pin SOP package available for HT12A/12B 14/18-pin DIP or 16/20-pin SOP or 16-pin NSOP package available for HT12E 16/18-pin DIP or 16/20-pin SOP package available for HT12C

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B647 Suppliers

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B647 2004+ 2004+ TO-92L 30000
B647 07+ 07+ TO-92L 60000 stock
B647 TO-92L TO-92L 5000
B647 TO-92L TO-92L 03+ 5000
B647 04+ 04+ 10000 long-term stock
B647 TO-92 68980
B647 TO-92L TO-92L 08+ 50000 http://www.silicon-ic.com
B647 07+ 07+ TO-92L 384000 in stock
B647 TO-92L 500 Delivery
B647 TO-92L 3000 Delivery
B647 178
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