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CD40161 More Information

Mfg: HAR
D/C: DIP16


An internal power-on reset (POR) and an enable input (EN) control the operation of the SN65LVDS151. When VCC is below 1.5 V, or when EN is low, the device is in a low-power disabled state, and the DO and LCO differential outputs are in a high-impedance state. When VCC is above 3 V and EN is high, the device and the two differential outputs are enabled and operating to specifications. The link clock output enable input (LCO_EN) is used to turn off the LCO output when it is not being used. Cascade input enable (CI_EN) is used to turn off the CI input when it is not being used.
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Data Bit 5 (D7), Channel A Data Bit 4 (D8), Channel A Data Bit 3 (D9), Channel A Data Bit 2 (D10), Channel A Data Bit 1 (D11), Channel A Over-Range Indicator, Channel A Logic Driver Supply Voltage, Channel A Ground Output Enable, Channel A +5V Supply Ground Input Range Select: HIGH = 3V, LOW = 2V +5V Supply Ground Ground Ground Analog Input, Channel A Complementary Analog Input, Channel A Common-Mode, Channel A Top Reference/Bypass, Channel A Bottom Reference/Bypass, Channel A Ground Reference Select: HIGH = External, LOW = Internal 50kΩ Pull-Up Resistor +5V Supply Ground Bottom Reference/Bypass, Channel B Top Reference/Bypass, Channel B Common-Mode, Channel B Complementary Analog Input, Channel B Analog Input, Channel B Ground


The following documents are required for a complete description of the CD40161 and are necessary to design properly with the device. Especially for those not familiar with the ARM920T processor or previous DragonBall products, the following documents are helpful when used in conjunction with this document.

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CD40161 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
CD40161 85
CD40161 2000+ 2000+ DIP 320
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CD40161 DIP 480 new in stock
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