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Pack: ZIP9
D/C: 04+


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  The CD5265CS is designed for use where the output is a linear product of two input voltages. Maximum versatility is assured by allowing the user to select the level shift method. Typical applications include: multiply, divide*, square root*, mean square*, phase detector, frequency doubler, balanced modulator/demodulator, and electronic gain control. • Wide Bandwidth • Excellent Linearity:   2% max Error on X Input, 4% max Error on Y Input Over   Temperature   1% max Error on X Input, 2% max Error on Y Input at + 25C • Adjustable Scale Factor, K • Excellent Temperature Stability • Wide Input Voltage Range: 10 V • 15 V Operation


  The onboard RISC processor enables the CD5265CS to handle complete I/O transactions with no intervention from the host. The CD5265CS RISC processor controls the chip interfaces; executes simultaneous, multiple input/output control blocks (IOCB); and maintains the required thread information for each transfer.

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CD5265CS Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
CD5265CS 01+ 01+ SIP-9 1022
CD5265CS 482 482 01+ SIL-9
CD5265CS 540 540 91+ SIL-9
CD5265CS SIL-9 SIL-9 05+ 100000
CD5265CS 3520 3520
CD5265CS ZIP9 5 long-term stock
CD5265CS 01+ 01+ 2900 long-term stock
CD5265CS 04+ 04+ ZIP9 202 http://www.silicon-ic.com
CD5000 222
CD5000 CAN 5523
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