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CF-12515 More Information

Mfg: Colorful
D/C: N/A


Functional I/O The HFBR-5710L accepts industry standard differential signals such as LVPECL and CML within the scope of the SFP MSA. To simplify board requirements, transmitter bias resistors and coupling capacitors are incorporated into the transceiver module. The module is ac- coupled and internally terminated.
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The erase operation is the only way to change data from "0" to "1." Unlike conventional UVEPROMs, which use ultraviolet light to erase the contents of the entire chip (a procedure that requires up to half an hour), the CF-12515 uses electrical erasure. Generally, the chip can be erased within 100 mS by using an EPROM writer with a special erase algorithm.

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CF-12515 Suppliers

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CF-12515 N/A N/A 28 new and original in warehouse
CF-12515 28 28 N/A Stock & New, We work 24 hours/day
CF-12515 N/A N/A 30
CF-12515 SOP 28
CF-12515 N/A N/A 28
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CF-1/4-10K-5-R 07+ 100000 /
CF-1/4-150R-5-R 07+ 460000 /
CF-1/4-15K-5-R 07+ 45000 /
CF-1/4-1K-5-R 07+ 25000 /
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