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Note 4: The maximum power dissipation must be derated at elevated temperatures and is dictated by TJMAX, JA and the ambient temperature, TA. The maximum allowable power dissipation at any temperature is PD = (TJMAX − TA)/JA or the number given in the Absolute Maximum Ratings, whichever is lower. In most cases, the maximum derated power dissipation will be reached only during fault conditions. For these devices, TJMAX for a board-mounted device can be found from the tables below:
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Thermal Shutdown Thermal shutdown shuts off both output MOSFETs and signals both fault flags if the die temperature ex- ceeds 135C. 10C of hystersis prevents the switch from turning on until the die temperature drops to 125C. Overtemperature detection functions only when at least one switch is enabled.


read data from the device will result in I/O6 toggling between one and zero. Once the write has completed, I/O6 will stop toggling and valid data will be read. Reading the toggle bit may begin at any time during the write cycle. DATA PROTECTION: If precautions are not taken, inad- vertent writes may occur during transitions of the host sys- tem power supply. Atmel has incorporated both hardware and software features that will protect the memory against inadvertent writes. HARDWARE PROTECTION: Hardware features protect against inadvertent writes to the CX20190 in the follow- ing ways: (a) VCC power-on delayonce VCC has reached 1.8V (typical) the device will automatically time out 10 ms (typical) before allowing a write; (b) write inhibitholding any one of OE low, CE high or WE high inhibits write cycles; and (c) noise filterpulses of less than 15 ns (typi- cal) on the WE or CE inputs will not initiate a write cycle. SOFTWARE DATA PROTECTION: A software-controlled data protection feature has been implemented on the CX20190. Software data protection (SDP) helps prevent inadvertent writes from corrupting the data in the device. SDP can prevent inadvertent writes during power-up and power-down as well as any other potential periods of sys- tem instability. The CX20190 can only be written using the software data protection feature. A series of three write commands to specific addresses with specific data must be presented to the device before writing in the byte or page mode. The same three write commands must begin each write opera- tion. All software write commands must obey the page mode write timing specifications. The data in the 3-byte command sequence is not written to the device; the addresses in the command sequence can be utilized just like any other location in the device. Any attempt to write to the device without the 3-byte sequence will start the internal write timers. No data will be written to the device; however, for the duration of tWC, read operations will effectively be polling operations. DEVICE IDENTIFICATION: An extra 64 bytes of EEPROM memory are available to the user for device identification. By raising A9 to 12V 0.5V and using address locations 7FC0H to 7FFFH, the additional bytes may be written to or read from in the same manner as the regular memory array.

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CX200 2007+ 2007+ SSOP20M 9985 E-mail to me.
CX200 661
CX200 2005+ 2005+ 148
CX20004A 2007+ 2007+ SOP24M 9985 E-mail to me.
CX20004A N/A N/A N/A 5000
CX20004A 2005+ 2005+ SONY 140
CX20005 94+ 94+ SOP/16 2089
CX20005 94/P2 94/P2 SOP 2109
CX20005 94+ 94+ SOP 2109
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