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SPI™, MICROWIRE™, and I2C™ Level  Translation Low-Voltage ASIC Level Translation Smart Card Readers Cell-Phone Cradles Portable POS Systems Portable Communication Devices Low-Cost Serial Interfaces Cell Phones GPS Telecommunications Equipment
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At both ends of each array and between each resistor segment is a CMOS switch connected to the wiper (VW/RW) output. Within each individual array only one switch may be turned on at a time. These switches are controlled by the Wiper Counter Register (WCR). The six bits of the WCR are decoded to select, and enable, one of sixty-four switches.


It is further proposed that the existing 'technical amendment' procedure be retained as it gives the maximum amount of filtering and control of requests for identifying sub-repertoires by ISO at the same time being able to respond responsibly to legitimate requests.

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CXA1013 98+ 98+ DIP-48 163
CXA1013 2 2 98+ DIP-48
CXA1013 DIP 60
CXA1013 2006 2006 DIP 60
CXA1013 07+ 07+ DIP 495 STOCK
CXA1013 652 652
CXA1013 99+ 99+ DIP-48 6 long-term stock
CXA1013 00+ 00+ DIP 200 http://www.silicon-ic.com
CXA1013 DIP DIP 1900 60
CXA1013 05+/06+ 1750
CXA1013 07/08+ 07/08+ 100 HOT OFFER
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