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Pack: DIP


Development software for the CY7C371 is available from Cy press'sandsoftware packages. All of these products are based on the IEEE standard VHDL language. Cy press also actively supports third party design tools such as ABELt, CUPLt, MINC, and LOG/iCt. Please contact your lo cal Cypress representative for further information.
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VCC = 3.3V unless otherwise indicated. Typicals and limits appearing in plain type apply for TA= TJ= 25˚C. Limits appearing in boldface type apply over full Operating Temperature Range. Datasheet min/max specification limits are guaranteed by design, test, or statistical analysis.


  The D882P balances the advanced bus speeds and efficiency of PCI-X with exceptional 2-Gb Fibre Channel performance. Fibre Channel support for SCSI, IP, and VI allows the D882P to target a wide spectrum of storage and system area networks (SANs).

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D882P Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
D882P 02+ 02+ T0-126 5000 Owen Chen:Tel:0086-10-62101298-603 or 0086-013439884772 Email:owencwl@163.com
D882P 02+ 02+ T0-126 5000
D882P TO-92 5000
D882P 2004+ 2004+ TO-126 30000
D882P NEC NEC 38503 02+ MAIL TO TALK
D882P 1414
D882P 96+ 96+ TO126 3 original &in STK
D882P 97+ 97+ STK 4 New Parts In stock
D882P 02+ 02+ 199
D882P 07+ 07+ TO-3P 33708
D882P TO-251 500 Delivery
D882P DIP 8,090 original parts in stock
D882P TO-126 50000
D882P TO-126 50000
D882P TO-3P 198
D882P 05+ 05+ TO-126 1658
D882P 05+ 05+ TO-126 1658
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