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DAS001/ More Information

Pack: SOP8
D/C: 01+


or 18-bit output bus. The Bus Size Select pin (BSS) determines the desired output bus width. In a building block configuration, multiple devices can be used to multiplex larger numbers of input streams onto output buses greater than 18 bits. The principle application is in ATM networking based systems, but can be used in any data or telecommunications application requiring the merging of indepen- dent data streams into a single output.   FIFO selection for data output can be made internally via a round robin which sequentially selects one of the four FIFOs. Alternatively, external
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Note 1. Commercial Product : TA=0 to 70C, unless otherwise specified   Industrial Product : TA=-40 to 85C, unless otherwise specified 2. Overshoot : V CC+3.0V in case of pulse width30ns 3. Undershoot : -3.0V in case of pulse width30ns 4. Overshoot and undershoot are sampled, not 100% tested


The DAS001/ features a -3dB bandwidth of 350MHz @ AV = -1 and is gain-of-2 stable. The DAS001/ also affords minimal power dissipation with a supply current of just 5.5mA per amplifier. The amplifier can be powered from supplies ranging from 5V to 12V.

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DAS001/ Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
DAS001/ 00+ advantage 00+ advantage SOP-8 2950
DAS001/ 01 01 SOP-8 2024
DAS001/ N/A N/A 01+ 2024
DAS001/ 01 01 SOP-8 2024
DAS001/ SOP-8 500 New & Original/stock
DAS001 00+ advantage 00+ advantage SOP-8 2950
DAS001 01+ 01+ 20000
DAS001 SOP-8 204
DAS001 00+ 00+ 800 SOP
DAS001 03 03 SOP-8 1472
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