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Offset Drift is a measure of the actual change in output with all 1s on the input over the specified temperature range. The offset is measured at 0C, +25C, and 70C. The maximum change in Offset is referenced to the Offset at 25C and is divided by the temperature range. This drift is expressed in parts per million of full scale range per C (ppm of FSR/C).
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A falling transition on PWM indicates the turn-off of the upper MOSFET and the turn-on of the lower MOSFET. A short propagation delay [TPDLUGATE] is encountered before the upper gate begins to fall [TFUGATE]. Again, the adaptive shoot-through circuitry determines the lower gate delay time, TPDHLGATE. The PHASE voltage is monitored and the lower gate is allowed to rise after PHASE drops below 0.5V. The lower gate then rises [TRLGATE], turning on the lower MOSFET.


On page 3-25, the M68300 write cycle timing diagram (Figure 3-12) shows incorrect timing for DS, UWE, and LWE. On page 3-28, the M68000 write cycle timing diagram (Figure 3-14) shows incorrect timing for AS68K, CSx, UDS/LDS, and UWE/LWE. Replace these figures with the following corrected figures.

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DO-CPLD-DK-G Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
DO-51030-R121 92 92 n/a 2567
DO-CPLD-DK-G48 500
DO-IT (SX)computer IC 100 (SX)computer IC
DO-SPAR3-DK123 108000
DO-V2P-ML300-EC776 7500
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