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E1007 More Information

Mfg: TFK
Pack: DIP


The layout of Figure 6 shows two 0.1µF decoupling capacitors connected between pins 6 and 7 and 14 and 15 for the MK277X. These capacitors must be placed as close to the chip as possible. This is the minimum recommended configuration, and will give good results in most applications. For noisy power supplies, an additional 0.1µF can be placed on pin 4, and a 10µF capacitor can be added in parallel.
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The MM54C151 multiplexer is a monolithic complementary MOS (CMOS) integrated circuit constructed with N- and P-channel enhancement transistors. This data selector/multiplexer contains on-chip binary decoding. Two outputs provide true (output Y) and complement (output W) data. A logical "1" on the strobe input forces W to a logical "1" and Y to a logical "0". All inputs are protected against electrostatic effects.


The E1007 executes a read cycle whenever WE (Write enable) is inactive (high) and CE (Chip Enable) and OE (Output Enable) are active (low). The unique address specified by the 15 address inputs (A0 - A14) defines which byte of data is to be accessed from the selected SRAMs. Valid data will be available to the data output drivers within tACC (Access Time) after the last address input signal is stable, providing that CE and OE (Output Enable) access times are also satisfied. If CE and OE access times are not satisfied, then data access must be measured from the later occurring signal and the limiting parameter is either tCO for CE or tOE for OE rather than tACC .

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E1007 05+(specialty) 05+(specialty) SOP-1303(specialty) 2741
E1007 DIP8 28
E1007 DIP 100
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E1007 n/a n/a DIP8 100 new&unused in stock
E1007 03+04+ 03+04+ 50 STOCK
E1007 07+ 07+ DIP8 495 STOCK
E1007 07+ 07+ DIP8 495 STOCK
E1007 02+ 02+ DIP*8 247
E1007 DIP 29 http://www.silicon-ic.com
E1007 53
E1007 130
E1007 500 500 06+
E1007 SOP-8 SOP-8 05+ 6000
E1007 3550
E1007 0009 0009 DIP-8 17 NEW IN STOCK
E1007 DIP8 228 STRC Verified
E1007 2005+ 2005+ TFK 922
E1007 04+ 04+ TFK 6590
E1007 O9+ O9+ 500000
E1007 03+ 03+ DIP 220
E1007 DIP8 12
E1007 03+ 03+ DIP 220
E1007 07+ 07+ DIP8 100PCS
E1007 00+ 00+ DIP8 16808
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