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Pack: 06+
D/C: TO-220


The Am79C988A Quad Integrated Ethernet Transceiver (QuIET) device consists of four independent 10BASE-T transceivers which are compliant with the IEEE 802.3 Section 14 (Medium Attachment Unit for 10BASE-T Cabling) standard. When combined with AMD's Integrated Multiport Repeater 2 (IMR2™) chip, the QuIET device provides a system-level solution to designing a managed 10BASE-T repeater.
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The F20LC30 executes a read cycle whenever WE (write enable) is inactive (high) and CE (chip enable) is active (low). The unique address specified by the 19 address inputs (A0CA18) defines which of the 512k bytes of data is to be accessed. Valid data will be available to the eight data-output drivers within tACC (access time) after the last address input signal is stable, providing that CE and OE (output enable) access times and states are also satisfied. If OE and CE access times are not satisfied, then data access must be measured from the later occurring signal ( CE or OE ) and the limiting parameter is either tCO for CE or tOE for OE , rather than address access.


When both the TRANS_EN bit (Clause 22 Address 10h in Table 3-15 or Clause 45 Address C001h in Table 3-33) and the AKR_EN bit (Clause 22 Address 1Dh in Table 3-28 or Clause 45 Address C001h in Table 3-33) are set to 1, or when the XAUI_EN bit is set, the IDLE character data pattern will be sequenced into /A/, /K/, and /R/ codes (IEEE 802.3ae-2002 specified). Alternatively, if neither of the AKR_EN or XAUI_EN bits are set, the XGMII IDLE and the /K/ code will both be transmitted as the XAUI /K/ code, and the /A/ and /R/ control codes will be transmitted as XAUI /A/ and /R/ codes respectively. The 8b/10b encoding patterns are described in Table 3-1. For valid operation, the XGMII and XAUI Lane 0 signals should be connected to the F20LC30 Channel A pins.

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Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
F20LC30 TO-220 TO-220 06+ 5000
F2001 TO-63S 50
F2001 TO-63S TO-63S 9
F2001 07+ 07+ SMD 30
F2001 07+ 07+ TO-63S 495 STOCK
F2001 06+ 06+ TSSOP14 97 ,
F2001 N/A N/A 00+ 13
F2001 04+ 04+ FAI 12
F2001 2008 13
F2001 06+ 06+ SOP14 41
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