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F3415S More Information

Mfg: IR
Pack: TO-263
D/C: 05+


The U4256BM is especially designed for AM up/down converter systems, together with the tuner U4255BM. Due to the integrated DACs, an automatic tuner alignment is possible. All the functions of the U4256BM can be software controlled via a serial 3-wire bus, consisting of Enable, Clock and Data. The format and procedure for the data transfer from the microcontroller is shown in figures 3, 4 and table Data Transfer. All requested data have to be transferred via 16-bit or 24-bit commands. Due to the 8-bit structure, the serial output interface of a microcontroller can be used for the data transfer. The PLL functions can be controlled by 24-bit commands, while the alignment functions are controlled by 16-bit commands. The alignment function control normally is set once by switching on the tuner. Then the tuner automatically will be aligned. The data for alignment are stored in a separate EPROM. Via integrated capacitors it is possible to tune the reference oscillator (this function is controlled via the 3-wire bus).
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RF data processing Servo signal processing Servo signal path set-up Focus servo Radial servo Differential phase detection Drop-out concealment Push-pull and three-beam push-pull Enhanced push-pull (dynamic offset compensation for beam landing) Offset compensation Automatic dual laser supply Power-on reset and general power on Compatibility with TZA1033HL/V1 Software compatibility Hardware compatibility Interface to the system controller Control registers Register 0: power control Register 1: servo and RF modes Register 2: focus offset DAC Register 3: RF path gain Register 4: RF left and right, or sum offset compensation Register 5: RF sum offset compensation Register 6: servo gain and dynamic radial offset compensation factor Register 7: servo path gain and bandwidth and RF path bandwidth and pre-emphasis Register 8: RF channel selection Register 11: radial servo offset cancellation Register 12: central servo offset cancellation inputs A and B Register 13: central servo offset cancellation inputs C and D Register 14: RF filter settings Register 15: DPD filter settings

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F3415S Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
F3415S 2004+ 2004+ TO-263 30000
F3415S 05+ 05+ TO-263 38000 New in orginal, stock offer.
F34077.010052A2 BGA 1
F341 BGA 1033 original,in stock"
F3415S 2004+ 2004+ TO-263 30000
F3415S 05+ 05+ TO-263 38000 New in orginal, stock offer.
F342 BGA 3595 original,in stock"
F345ZGA4A 00+ original 00+ original PLCC-44 3530
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