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The input load capacitors are placed on-die to reduce external component cost. These capacitors are true parallel-plate capacitors for ultra-linear performance. These were chosen to reduce the frequency shift that occurs when non-linear load capacitance interacts with load, bias, supply, and temperature changes. Non-linear (FET gate) crystal load capacitors should not be used for MPEG, POTS dial tone, communications, or other applications that are sensitive to absolute frequency requirements.
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The minimum bending radius is 45 mm. The mounting surface of the filters faces the bottom side of the embossed carrier tape. Markings on the filters can be read if the upper side of the carrier tape is regarded with the sprocket holes on its right.


NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches.   2. Metric equivalents are given for general information only.   3. Dimension "A" controls the overall package thickness. When a window lid is used, dimension "A" must   increase by a minimum of .010 inch (0.254 mm) and a maximum of .040 inch (1.020 mm).   4. The corner shape (square, notch, radius, etc.) may vary at the manufacturer's option, from that shown on   the drawing.   5. Dimensions "B3" minimum and "L3" minimum and the appropriately castellation length define an   unobstructed three-dimensional space traversing all of the ceramic layers in which a castellation was   designed. (Castellations are required on bottom two layers, optional on top ceramic layer.) Dimension   "B3" maximum and "L3" maximum define the maximum width and depth of the castellation at any point on   its surface. Measurement of these dimensions may be made prior to solder dipping.

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