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In most applications the input coupling capacitors are 0.1µF. The Y and C inputs typically sink 1µA of current during active video, which normally tilts a horizontal line by 2mV at the Y out- put. During sync, the clamp restores this leakage current by sourcing an average of 20µA over the clamp interval. Any change in the coupling capacitor values will affect the amount of tilt per line. Any reduction in tilt will come with an increase in set- tling time.
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These devices combine four popular functions, Power- on Reset Control, Watchdog Timer, Supply Voltage Supervision, and Block Lock Protect Serial EEPROM Memory in one package. This combination lowers system cost, reduces board space requirements, and increases reliability.


Output current pulses are enabled when an L signal is applied to the OE pin. No output current flows when OE is H, and additional laser diode protection is provided since the OE input will float high when open. Complete IOUT shut-off is also achieved by holding the CE pin low, which will override the OE control pins.

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