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NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V power supply. 2. All VDDQ pins must be connected to appropriate power supply: 3.3V if OPT pin for that port is set to VIH (3.3V), and 2.5V if OPT pin for that port is   set to VIL (0V). 3. All VSS pins must be connected to ground supply. 4. Package body is approximately 15mm x 15mm x 1.4mm, with 0.8mm ball pitch. 5. This package code is used to reference the package diagram. 6. This text does not indicate orientation of the actual part-marking.
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  Description Pulses for operating the MOS shift register. The video data rate is equal to the clock pulse frequency since the video output signal is obtained synchronously with the rise of ö2 pulse. Pulse for starting the MOS shift register operation. The time interval between start pulses is equal to the signal accumulation time. Connected to the anode of each photodiode. This should be grounded. Used for restricting blooming. This should be grounded. Used for restricting blooming. This should be biased at a voltage equal to the video bias voltage. Video output signal. Connects to photodiode cathodes when the address is on. A positive voltage should be applied to the video line in order to use photodiodes with a reverse voltage. When the amplitude of ö1 and ö2 is 5 V, a video bias voltage of 2 V is recommended. This has the same structure as the active video, but is not connected to photodiodes, so only spike noise is output. This should be biased at a voltage equal to the active video or left as an open-circuit when not needed. Connected to the silicon substrate. This should be grounded. This should be pulled up at 5 V by using a 10 kΩ resistor. This is a negative going pulse that appears synchronously with the ö2 timing right after the last photodiode is addressed. Should be grounded.


The UCC383 family of low dropout linear (LDO) regula- tors provide a regulated output voltage for applications with up to 3A of load current. The regulators feature a low dropout voltage and short circuit protection, making their use ideal for demanding high current applications requiring fault protection.

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FU9024 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
FU9024 O9+ O9+ 50000
FU9014 04+ 04+ TO251 IR
FU9024 O9+ O9+ 50000
FU9024N 05+ 05+ TO-3P 100
FU9024N 08+ 08+ TO-251 500PCS
FU9101NLQ-NP 183
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FU9210 04+ 04+ TO251 IR
FU9220 04+ 04+ TO251 IR
FU9TP 1808 1500
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