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Pack: DIP
D/C: 06+


The Intersil portfolio of Star*Power FETs includes a family of devices in various voltage, current and package styles. The Star*Power family consists of Star*Power and Star*Power Gold products. Star*Power FETs are optimized for total dose and rDS(ON) performance while exhibiting SEE capability at full rated voltage up to an LET of 37. Star*Power Gold FETs have been optimized for SEE and Gate Charge providing SEE performance to 80% of the rated voltage for an LET of 82 with extremely low gate charge characteristics.
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The FZH111A is a single-chip microcomputer designed with CMOS silicon gate technology. It is housed in a 52-pin shrink plastic molded DIP. In addition to their simple instruction sets, the ROM, RAM and I/O addresses are placed on the same memory map to enable easy pro- gramming. The FZH111A has a OSD function and a data slicer func- tion, so it is useful for a channel selection system for TV with a closed caption decoder. The features of the FZH111A and the FZH111A are similar to those of the FZH111A except that these chips have a built-in PROM which can be written electri- cally.


being turned on when the local power supply voltage is too low for proper IGBT switching.   The current signal processing circuit receives inputs from current transformers connected in series with the input lines and the DC bus capacitor. The output of the current signal processing circuit, IFB, is essentially an isolated replica of the inverter input current. An isolated current feedback signal, IFB, is provided as an output of the FZH111AA. If the inverter current exceeds the trip level of 65A, IFB also activates the latch.   The thermistor activates the latch if the temperature of the IMS substrate exceeds a set level. The 15V isolated power supply used to power the FZH111A should be the same as the one for the PWM gnereation, otherwise the protection functions will be disabled.

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FZH111A DIP 500
FZH111A DIP16 1
FZH111A 04+ 04+ DIP 1000
FZH111A 260
FZH111A 00+ 00+ 540
FZH111A 05+ 05+ DIP 767
FZH111A 2007+ 2007+ DIP16 9985 E-mail to me.
FZH111A 04+ 04+ 663 Nornal Stock
FZH111A N/A N/A DIP 150
FZH111A 7500 long-term stock
FZH111A 1100
FZH111A DIP16 DIP16 100
FZH111A 200
FZH111A 06+ 06+ DIP 5000
FZH111A 02+ 02+ SIEMENS 800
FZH111A 2005+ 2005+ DIP 100
FZH111A 01+ 01+ DIP-16 50PCS
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