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B1, B2=Balun 50W semi-rigid coax 5.1" long l1, l2=25W, .149=.070"W x 2.76"L l3, l4=25W, .132=.070"W x 2.43"L l5, l6=7.3W, .038=.3"W x .6864"L l7, l8=2.7W, .045=.840"W x .8"L l9, l10=25W, .0162=0.70"W x .3"L
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Codec positive analog output. The DC level is Vcm, and the full-scale ac output is 2.8V p-p5%. The maximum loading is 1k Ω in parallel with 20 pF for modem applications. For audio applications with low-impedance load, the maximum distortion-free (THD <C60 db) current is 10 mA rms.


1244-CORE Stratum 3, Stratum 4 Enhanced, Stratum 4, OC-3 port, 155.52 Mbit/s application and ETSI ETS 300 011, ITU-T G.813 Option 1, and ITU-T G.812 Type IV clocks. It meets the jitter/wander tolerance, jitter/wander transfer, intrinsic jitter/wander, frequency accuracy, capture range, phase change slope, holdover frequency accuracy and MTIE (Maximum Time Interval Error) requirements for these specifications.   The G00D can be used in synchronization and timing control for T1, E1 and OC3 systems, or used as ST-BUS clock and frame pulse source. It also can be used in access switch, access routers, ATM edge switches, wireless base station controllers, or IADs (Integrated Access Devices), PBXs, line cards and SONET/SDH equipments.

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G00D Suppliers

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G00D 97 97 DIP 150
G00D 97 97 DIP 150
G00002A TQFP100 1
G0010R51FE7080 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
G0010R51FS7080 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
G001R5100FE7080 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
G002 2008 1600
G0032R000FE7080 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
G0032R000FS7080 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
G0033615 DIP-64 DIP-64 2500
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