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G4PC30UD More Information

Mfg: IR
Pack: TO-3P


A single heat source, centered in the silicon chip is suspended across a cavity. Equally spaced aluminum/polysilicon thermopiles (groups of thermocouples) are located equidistantly on all four sides of the heat source (dual axis). Under zero acceleration, a temperature gradient is symmetrical about the heat source, so that the temperature is the same at all four thermopiles, causing them to output the same voltage.
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Address Strobe from Controller, sampled on the rising edge of CLK. When asserted LOW, addresses presented to the device are captured in the address registers. A[1:0] are also loaded into the burst counter. When ADSP and ADSC are both asserted, only ADSP is recognized.


The filter is a 3 pole active filter with a gain of 2, designed to produce a constant phase delay of nominally 260ns with signal amplitude. Resistor RF on pin 1 controls the filter cut-off. An internal clamp sets the minimum voltage on pin 4 at 1.55V when the input becomes low impedance. Above the clamp voltage, an input current of 1µA charges the input coupling capacitor. With loss of signal, the current source switches to a value of 10µA, for faster signal recovery.

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G4PC30UD Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
G4PC30UD 05+ 05+ TO-3P 8500
G4PC30UD TO-3P TO-3P 06+ 5350
G4PC30UD TO-247 500 Delivery
G4PC30UD TO-3P 100
G4P109 2004+ 2004+ 模块-72 7 New & Original/stock
G4P109-ILF 07+ 07+ 500 STOCK
G4P109LF 07+ 07+ 500 STOCK
G4P109NLF 07+ 07+ 500 STOCK
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