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G4PC50U More Information

Mfg: IR
Pack: TO-247
D/C: 05+


  Typicals represent average readings at 25C, VDD = 5 V.   Resistor position nonlinearity error, R-INL, is the deviation from an ideal value measured between the maximum resistance and the minimum resistance wiper   positions. R-DNL measures the relative step change from ideal between successive tap positions. Parts are guaranteed monotonic. 3NL and DNL are measured at VW with the RDAC configured as a potentiometer divider similar to a voltage output D/A converter. VA = VDD and VB = 0 V. 4DNL specification limits of 1 LSB maximum are guaranteed monotonic operating conditions. 5Resistor Terminals A, B, W have no limitations on polarity with respect to each other. 6Guaranteed by design and not subject to production test. 7PDISS is calculated from (IDD VDD). CMOS logic level inputs result in minimum power dissipation. 8Bandwidth, noise, and settling time are dependent on the terminal resistance value chosen. The lowest R value results in the fastest settling time and highest   bandwidth. The highest R value results in the minimum overall power consumption. 9All dynamic characteristics use VDD = V. 10All input control voltages are specified with tR = tF = 1 ns (10% to 90% of VDD) and timed from a voltage level of 1.6 V. Switching characteristics are measured using   VDD = 5 V.
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Settling Time, tS C The time required by the device, after tPO, and after a valid magnetic signal has been applied, to provide proper output transitions. Settling time is a function of magnetic offset, offset polarity, signal phase, signal frequency, and signal amplitude.


The G4PC50U microcontroller embeds 136K bytes of internal SRAM. The internal memory is directly connected to the 32-bit data bus and is single-cycle accessible. This provides maximum performance of 36 MIPS at 40 MHz by using the ARM instruction set of the processor, minimizing system power consumption and improving on the perfor- mance of separate memory solutions.

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G4PC50U Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
G4PC50U 04+ 05+ 04+ 05+ 356
G4PC50U 33563
G4PC50U 10000
G4PC50U TO3P 500 Delivery
G4PC50U 06+ 300
G4PC50U 05+ 05+ TO-247 38000 New in orginal, stock offer.
G4P109 2004+ 2004+ 模块-72 7 New & Original/stock
G4P109-ILF 07+ 07+ 500 STOCK
G4P109LF 07+ 07+ 500 STOCK
G4P109NLF 07+ 07+ 500 STOCK
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