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GMS97L51-PI More Information

Mfg: LGS
Pack: DIP-40
D/C: 08+


4. Values for two Turn-On loss conditions are shown for the convenience of the circuit designer. EON1 is the turn-on loss of the IGBT only. EON2   is the turn-on loss when a typical diode is used in the test circuit and the diode is at the same TJ as the IGBT. The diode type is specified in   Figure 18.
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This series of hermetically packaged products feature the latest advanced MOSFET technology combined with a package designed specifically for high efficiency, high current applications. They are ideally suited for Hi-Rel requirements where small size, high performance and high reliability are required, and in applications such as switching power supplies, motor controls, inverters, choppers, audio amplifiers and high energy pulse circuits. This series also features avalanche high energy capability at elevated temperatures.


The MAX104 is ideal for many applications where high sampling rates are required to either capture an instantaneous value from a fast-moving signal, such as in a high-speed data acquisition (DAQ) application, or to digitize a complex high-frequency, high-bandwidth signal. One example of this is in wideband digital receivers for digital base stations. In this case, signal bandwidths that exceed 300MHz are allowed to pass through the receiver intermediate-frequency (IF) stages to the demodulator. At this point, the information bandwidth may be filtered and amplified before being presented to the ADC front end. This approach, known as block or direct downconversion, requires that the input bandwidth of the ADC be sufficiently flat to prevent distortions and nonlinearities in the resulting digital representation. The high-speed data stream thus created is then presented to a digital demodulator which separates the individual channels and extracts the modulated information.

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GMS97L51-PI Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
GMS97L51-PI 04+ 04+ 180 Normal stock
GMS97L51-PI 08+ 08+ DIP-40 5080
GMS08 03 04 03 04 SMD-8 640 Nice Price,Available
GMS08 03 04 03 04 SMD-8 220
GMS08 04+ 04+ SMD-8 220
GMS16C450 111
GMS30004 4000
GMS30004-R006 2003 2003 423
GMS30004-R016 99 99 DIP 2000
GMS30004-R016 99+ 99+ DIP 2000
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