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Wide Operating VIN Range: Up to 80V Rugged Architecture Tolerant of 100V VIN Transients Powerful 1.5Ω Driver Pull-Down Powerful 2.4A Peak Current Driver Pull-Up 7ns Fall Time Driving 1000pF Load 10ns Rise Time Driving 1000pF Load Drives Standard Threshold MOSFETs TTL/CMOS Compatible Inputs with Hysteresis Input Thresholds are Independent of Supply Undervoltage Lockout Low Profile (1mm) SOT-23 (ThinSOT)TM or Thermally Enhanced 8-Pin MSOP Packages
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Reduced Power Consumption C 1.8 V Core Operation With 3.3 V I/Os and Supplies2 Reduced Ground Bounce Using Time Staggered Pixel Outputs Lowest Noise and Best Power Dissipation Using TI PowerPAD Packaging Advanced Technology Using TI 0.18-µm EPIC-5 CMOS Process TFP401A Incorporates HSYNC Jitter Immunity3


The Bay Linear GS2014 is Monolithic low power 3.0A Adjustable and fixed NPN voltage regulator that are easy to use with minimum external components. All internal circuitry is designed to operate down to 1V input to output differential and the dropout voltage is fully specified as a function of load current. Dropout is guaranteed at a maximum of 1.5V at a maximum output current. Current limit is trimmed, minimizing the stress on both the regulator and power source circuitry under overload conditions. It is suitable for applications requiring a well-regulated positive output voltage with low input-output differential voltage.

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GS2014 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
GS2014 100 STOCK
GS2010 V2.307 97+ 97+ QFC-100 24
GS2014 100 STOCK
GS2017 50 STOCK
GS2032AT-5 QFP 2328
GS2032AT-5 QFP 2328
GS2052 2,000 STOCK
GS2053 500 STOCK
GS208F ORIGINAL ORIGINAL 10pcs/tray 100
GS2110 QFP 20 STRC Verified
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