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Pack: DIP8


NOTES 1Sample tested during initial release to ensure compliance. All input signals are specified with tR = tF = 5 ns (10% to 90% of V DD) and timed from a voltage level of 1.6 V. 2See Figure 2. 3These numbers are measured with the load circuit of Figure 1 and defined as the time required for the output to cross the VOL or VOH limits. 4SCLK active edge is falling edge of SCLK. 5These numbers are derived from the measured time taken by the data output to change 0.5 V when loaded with the circuit of Figure 1. The measured number is then   extrapolated back to remove effects of charging or discharging the 50 pF capacitor. This means the times quoted in the timing characteristics are the true bus relin-   quish times of the part and as such are independent of external bus loading capacitances.
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The base timer is an 8-bit counter with a 1MHz clock source. The base timer can be enabled/disabled by the CPU. After a reset, the base timer is disabled and cleared. The base timer can be preset by writing BT7 - BT0 to the BT register at any time. When enabled, the base timer starts counting from the preset value. When the value reaches FFH, it generates a timer interrupt only if the timer interrupt is enabled. When it reaches the maximum value of FFH, the base timer will wrap around and begin counting at 00H. The timer interval can be programmed from 1 - 256 µsec. The base timer can be enabled by writing a '0' to ' ENBT ' in the TCON (Timer Control) register. The ENBT is a level trigger.


Addressing Overview After the HP2225 (as receiver) acknowledges the device address, the master can place the memory address on the bus for a write operation. The address requires two bytes. The first is the MSB. Since the device uses only 13 address bits, the value of the upper three bits are dont care. Following the MSB is the LSB with the remaining eight address bits. The address value is latched internally. Each access causes the latched address value to be incremented automatically. The current address is the value that is held in the latch -- either a newly written value or the address following the last access. The current address will be held for as long as power remains or until a new value is written. Reads always use the current address. A random read address can be loaded by beginning a write operation as explained below.

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