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HRS4H-S-DC12V More Information

Mfg: HKE
Pack: Relay(new original)


Each output has a programmable configuration bit, which sets the output slew rate to fast or slow. For designs concerned with meeting FCC emissions standards the slow edge provides for lower system noise. For designs requiring very high perfor- mance the fast edge rate provides maximum system perfor- mance.
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MASSACHUSETTS, Marborough MASSACHUSETTS, Woburn MICHIGAN, Detroit MINNESOTA, Minnetonka MISSOURI, St. Louis NEW JERSEY, Fairfield NEW YORK, Fairport NEW YORK, Hauppauge NEW YORK, Poughkeepsie/Fishkill NORTH CAROLINA, Raleigh OHIO, Cleveland OHIO, Columbus Worthington OHIO, Dayton OKLAHOMA, Tulsa OREGON, Portland PENNSYLVANIA, Colmar  Philadelphia/Horsham TENNESSEE, Knoxville TEXAS, Austin TEXAS, Houston TEXAS, Plano VIRGINIA, Richmond WASHINGTON, Bellevue  Seattle Access WISCONSIN, Milwaukee/Brookfield


When 16/68# pin is at logic 1 for Intel bus interface, this output becomes channel B interrupt output. The output state is defined by the user and through the software set- ting of MCR[3]. INTB is set to the active mode and OP2B# output to a logic 0 when MCR[3] is set to a logic 1. INTB is set to the three state mode and OP2B# to a logic 1 when MCR[3] is set to a logic 0. See MCR[3]. When 16/68# pin is at logic 0 for Motorola bus interface, this output is not used and will stay at logic zero level. Leave this output unconnected.

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HRS4H-S-DC12V Suppliers

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HRS4H-S-DC12V Relay(new original) 319 (ZL)in stock
HRS-14 10000 10000 08+ new and Original products , competitive price with
HRS-16 10000 10000 08+ new and Original products , competitive price with
HRS1H-12V 20000
HRS1H-DC12V Relay(new original) 100 (ZL)in stock
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HRS1H-S-3V 03+ 03+ 200
HRS1H-S-5V 7000
HRS-1H-S-5VDC 4100 01 01 5980
HRS1H-S-DC12V Relay(new original) 100 (ZL)in stock
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