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Dual chip enables allow for depth expansion without additional logic Full synchronous operation on both ports C 4ns setup to clock and 1ns hold on all control, data,   and address inputs C Data input, address, and control registers C Fast 6.5ns clock to data out in the Pipelined output mode C Self-timed write allows fast cycle time C 10ns cycle time, 100MHz operation in Pipelined output mode Separate upper-byte and lower-byte controls for multiplexed bus and bus matching compatibility LVTTL- compatible, single 3.3V (0.3V) power supply Industrial temperature range (C40C to +85C) is  available for selected speeds Available in a 128-pin Thin Quad Flatpack (TQFP) package
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The U6209B is controlled via a 2-wire I2C bus format by feeding data and clock signals into the SDA and SCL lines respectively. The table I2CCBUS DATA FORMAT describes the format of the data and shows how to select the device address by applying a voltage at pin 10. When the correct address byte has been received, the SDA line is pulled low by the device during the acknowledge period, and then also during the acknowledge periods, when additional data bytes are programmed. After the address transmission (first byte), data bytes can be sent to the device. There are four data bytes requested to fully program the device. The programmable divider latch is loaded after the 8th clock pulse of the second divider byte PDB2, the control and the port register latches are loaded after the 8th clock pulse of the control byte CB1 respec- tively post byte CB2. The table I2C-BUS PULSE DIAGRAM shows some possible data transfer exam- ples.


All devices are guaranteed at a data rate of 460kbps. The transceivers have a proprietary low-dropout trans- mitter output stage enabling RS-232 compatible opera- tion from a +2.25V to +3.0V supply with a dual charge pump. The charge pump requires only four 0.1µF capacitors. The HS1-1840ARH-Q8E/HS1-1840ARH-Q9E feature a logic- level output (READY) that asserts when the charge pump is regulating and the device is ready to begin transmitting. The HS1-1840ARH-Q8E/HS1-1840ARH-Q9E achieve a 1µA supply current using Maxims revolutionary AutoShutdown Plus feature. These devices automatically enter a low-power shut- down mode when the RS-232 cable is disconnected or the transmitters of the connected peripherals are inactive for more than 30 seconds. They turn on again when they sense a valid transition at any transmitter or receiver input. AutoShutdown Plus saves power without changes to the existing BIOS or operating system. The HS1-1840ARH-QE also features a 1µA shutdown mode that can be entered by driving SHDN low. The HS1-1840ARH-QEs receivers remain active while in shutdown mode, allowing external devices such as modems to be monitored using only 1µA supply current. These devices are available in space-saving packages: HS1-1840ARH-QE (16-pin SSOP and 20-pin TSSOP), HS1-1840ARH-QE/ HS1-1840ARH-Q8E (20-pin SSOP and 20-pin TSSOP), and HS1-1840ARH-Q9E (16-pin SSOP).

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HS10 n/a n/a 1
HS1026 1
HS1026 7000
HS1026 1
HS1026 1000 Stock
HS1026 1
HS1077 127
HS108A00 00= 00= DIP 200
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