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The KM4110 offers superior dynamic performance with a 75MHz small signal bandwidth and 50V/µs slew rate. The combination of low power, high output current drive, and rail-to-rail performance make the KM4110 well suited for battery-powered communication/ computing systems.
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NOTE 4: Apply a −1 dBFS 10-KHz triangle wave at AIN+ and AIN− with an internal bandgap reference and ADC reference enabled, and BIASREF   enabled at AVDD/2. Any additional load at BIASREF or VREF may require additional current. NOTE 5: Wake-up time is from the power-down state to accurate ADC samples being taken and is specified for MODE = AGND with external   reference sources applied to the device at the time of release of power-down, and an applied 40-MHz clock. Circuits that need to power   up are the bandgap, bias generator, ADC, and SHA. NOTE 6: External reference values are listed in the Recommended Operating Conditions Table.


The device contains an auto-select command operation to supplement traditional PROM programming methodology. The operation is initiated by writing the auto-select command sequence into the command register. Following the command write, a read cycle from address XX00H retrieves the manufacture code of DAH. A read cycle from address XX01H returns the device code (ICE28265 = 38H).

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