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Mfg: 2500


The UCC381-3/-5/-ADJ family of positive linear series pass regulators is tailored for low drop out applications where low quiescent power is impor- tant. Fabricated with a BiCMOS technology ideally suited for low input to output differential applications, the UCC381 will pass 1A while requiring only 0.5V of input voltage headroom. Dropout voltage decreases linearly with output current, so that dropout at 200mA is less than 100mV. Quies- cent current is always less than 650µA. To prevent reverse current conduc- tion, on-chip circuitry limits the minimum forward voltage to typically 50mV. Once the forward voltage limit is reached, the input-output differential volt- age is maintained as the input voltage drops until undervoltage lockout dis- ables the regulator.
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Stereo Codec: DAC SNR 98dB, THD -84dB (A weighted @ 48kHz) ADC SNR 90dB, THD -80dB (A weighted @ 48kHz) On-chip Headphone Driver with capless option - 40mW output power into 16Ω / 3.3V SPKVDD 0.9W output power into 8Ω BTL speaker / 5V SPKVDD - Capable of driving piezo speakers - Stereo speaker drive configuration Mic Preamps: Stereo Differential or mono microphone Interfaces - Programmable preamp gain - Psuedo differential inputs with common mode rejection - Programmable ALC / Noise Gate in ADC path Low-noise bias supplied for electret microphones Other features: Enhanced 3-D function for improved stereo separation Digital playback limiter 5-band Equaliser (record or playback) Programmable ADC High Pass Filter (wind noise reduction) Programmable ADC Notch Filter Aux inputs for stereo analog input signals or beep On-chip PLL supporting 12, 13, 19.2MHz and other clocks Low power, low voltage - 2.5V to 3.6V (digital core: 1.62V to 3.6V) - power consumption <30mW all-on with 2.5V supplies 5x5mm 32-pin QFN package


  This is the inverting input of the transmit gain setting op- erational amplifier. Gain setting resistors are usually con- nected from this pin to TG and from this pin to the analog signal source. The common mode range of the TI+ and TIC pins is from 1.2 V to VDD C 1.2 V. This is an FET gate input.   The TIC pin also serves as one of the transmit input multi- plexer pins when the TI+ pin is connected to VSS. When TI+ is connected to VDD, this pin is ignored. See the pin descrip- tions for the TI+ and the TG pins for more information.

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IX2938CEN2 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
IX2022PA SOP 2200 Nice Price,Available
IX2022PA 05+ 05+ 1595
IX2022PA 2000
IX2022PA 2000
IX2022PA SOP 32009
IX2032 16 XLL
IX2038CE 41 41 97+ DIP/64
IX2038CE 97+ 97+ SHARP DIP/64
IX2038CE 94+ 94+ SHARP DIP-64
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