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IX3395CEN2 More Information

Pack: DIP-56


For maximum output regulation, the HR301-2805 is provided with external output voltage remote sense pins. Connecting the remote sense pins to the load provides a four-terminal voltage mode which eliminates the adverse effects of line resistance voltage drops. Remote sense pins may be left unconnected, but see cautions in this data sheet. For normal operation, remote sense pins should be connected to the respective output pins.
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The 3.3-volt device is fully accessible and data can be written and read only when VCC is greater than VPF. When VCC falls below VPF, access to the device is inhibited. If VPF is less than VBAT, the device power is switched from VCC to the internal backup lithium battery when VCC drops below VPF. If VPF is greater than VBAT, the device power is switched from VCC to the internal backup lithium battery when VCC drops below VBAT. RTC operation and SRAM data are maintained from the battery until VCC is returned to nominal levels.


The IX3395CEN2/IX3395CEN2 feature a P-channel MOSFET pass transistor. This provides advantages over similar designs using PNP pass transistors, including longer battery life. The P-channel MOSFET requires no base drive, which reduces quiescent current considerably. PNP-based regulators waste considerable current in dropout when the pass transistor saturates; they also use high base-drive currents under large loads. The IX3395CEN2/IX3395CEN2 do not suffer from these prob- lems, and consume only 2µA of quiescent current throughout their load range (see the Typical Operating Characteristics).

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IX3395CEN2 Suppliers

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IX3000CEZZ 97+ 97+ DIP64 1
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IX3007CEZZ SMD SMD 98+ 736
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