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Description Thermopile detector with on-chip PTC thermistor, floating thermopile outputs. Thermopile detector with high sensitivity NTC thermistor, floating thermopile outputs. Thermopile detector with on-chip PTC thermistor, symmetrical thermopile outputs
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The CPU features two sets of functional units. Each set contains four units and a register file. One set contains functional units .L1, .S1, .M1, and .D1; the other set contains units .D2, .M2, .S2, and .L2. The two register files contain 16 32-bit registers each for the total of 32 general-purpose registers. The two sets of functional units, along with two register files, compose sides A and B of the CPU (see the Functional and CPU Block diagram and Figure 1). The four functional units on each side of the CPU can freely share the 16 registers belonging to that side. Additionally, each side features a single data bus connected to all registers on the other side, by which the two sets of functional units can access data from the register files on opposite sides. While register access by functional units on the same side of the CPU as the register file can service all the units in a single clock cycle, register access using the register file across the CPU supports one read and one write per cycle.


Note 4: The J5027-RES5 is tested in a proprietary test mode that connects VFB to the output of the error amplifier. Note 5: Dynamic supply current is higher due to the gate charge being delivered at the switching frequency. Note 6: This IC includes overtemperature protection that is intended to protect the device during momentary overload conditions. Junction temperature will exceed 125C when overtemperature protection is active. Continuous operation above the specified maximum operating junction temperature may impair device reliability.

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