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JRC4565D More Information

Mfg: JRC
Pack: 2007


The LIS3L06AL belongs to a family of products suitable for a variety of applications:   C Mobile terminals   C Gaming and Virtual Reality input devices   C Free-fall detection for data protection   C Antitheft systems and Inertial Navigation   C Appliance and Robotics.
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• 100,000 erase/write cycle Enhanced FLASH   program memory typical • 1,000,000 erase/write cycle Data EEPROM   memory • FLASH/Data EEPROM Retention: > 40 years • Self-reprogrammable under software control • Power-on Reset (POR), Power-up Timer (PWRT)   and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST) • Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own On-Chip RC   Oscillator for reliable operation • Programmable code protection • Power saving SLEEP mode • Selectable oscillator options including:   - 4X Phase Lock Loop (of primary oscillator)   - Secondary Oscillator (32 kHz) clock input • Single supply 5V In-Circuit Serial Programming™   (ICSP™) via two pins • In-Circuit Debug (ICD) via two pins


The JRC4565D contains eight multiplexed parallel I/Os with 3-state output capability and an 8-bit storage register that feeds an 8-bit binary counter. Both the register and the counter have individual positive-edge triggered clocks.

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JRC4565D Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
JRC4565D regular supply regular supply DIP-8 3250
JRC4565D 00+ 00+ DIP 1002
JRC4565D DIP8 DIP8 5400
JRC4565D 04+ 04+ 5413 Normal stock
JRC4565D DIP8 425
JRC4565D 2007 110
JRC4565D DIP8 6058 STRC Verified
JRC 4558D 06+ 06+ 5000
JRC0026 1995 1995 SOP3.9mm 1730
JRC-015M 5 5 NULL 50 ,010-82028948
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