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Thermal Protection The FAN2500/01 is designed to supply high peak output cur- rents of up to 1A for brief periods, however this output load will cause the device temperature to increase and exceed maximum ratings due to power dissipation. During output overload conditions, when the die temperature exceeds the shutdown limit temperature of 150C, onboard thermal protection will disable the output until the temperature drops below this limit, at which point the output is then re-enabled. During a thermal shutdown situation the user may assert the power-down function at the Enable pin, reducing power consumption to the minimum level IGND VIN.
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There is a potentiometer, R24 that is used to manually trim the output offset to 0Vdc. Please refer to the Board Connection Diagram for the potentiometer location on the K30T60 Parallel Reference Board. The Reference Board is shipped the output offset nulled within +/-10mV.

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