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K4S2808320-TC75 More Information

Pack: TSOP
D/C: 01+


DX1 is available on the TP3070 only; DX0 is available on all devices. These Transmit Data TRI-STATE ® outputs remain in the high impedance state except during the assigned transmit time slot on the assigned port, during which the transmit PCM data byte is shifted out on the rising edges of BCLK.
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V2 Control Topology Hiccup Mode Overcurrent Protection 150 ns Transient Response Programmable Soft Start 100% Duty Cycle for Enhanced Transient Response 150 kHz to 600 kHz Programmable Frequency Operation Switching Frequency Set by Single Resistor Out−Of−Phase Synchronization Between Channels Undervoltage Lockout Both Gate Drive Outputs Held Low During Fault Condition


The digital window watchdog timer, K4S2808320-TC75, is a CMOS integrated circuit. In applica- tions where safety is critical, it is especially important to monitor the microcontroller. Normal microcontroller operation is indicated by a cyclically transmitted trigger signal, which is received by a window watchdog timer within a defined time window. A missing or a wrong trigger signal causes the watchdog timer to reset the microcon- troller. The IC is tailored for microcontrollers which can work in both full-power and sleep mode. With an additional voltage monitoring (power-on reset and supply voltage drop reset), the K4S2808320-TC75 offers a complete monitoring solution for microsystems in automotive and industrial applications.

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K4S2808320-TC75 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
K4S2808320-TC75 01+ 01+ 895 TSOP
K4S2808320-TC75 01+ 01+ 881
K4S2808320-TC75 2776
K4S2808320-TC75 01+ 01+ TSSOP 881
K4S2808320-TC75 TSSOP 881
K4S2808320-TC75 05+ 05+ TSOP SAMSUNG
K4S2808320-TC75 05+ 05+ TSOP 1693 original environmental avaliable stock
K4S2808320-TC75 15000
K4S2808320-TC75 01+ 01+ TSOP 895
K4S2808320-TC75 TSSOP TSSOP 01+ 1055
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