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KRC102S-RTK More Information

Pack: SOT23/3
D/C: 00+


HARDWARE DATA PROTECTION: Hardware features protect against inadvertent programs to the AT29LV1024 in the following ways: (a) VCC sense if VCC is below 1.8V (typical), the program function is inhibited. (b) VCC power on delay once VCC has reached the VCC sense level, the device will automatically time out 10 ms (typical) be- fore programming. (c) Program inhibit holding any one of OE low, CE high or WE high inhibits program cycles. (d) Noise filter pulses of less than 15 ns (typical) on the WE or CE inputs will not initiate a program cycle.
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VCE=(--)5V, IC=(--)1A VCE=(--)5V, IC=(--)6A VCE=(--)5V, IC=(--)1A VCB=(--)10V, f=1MHz VCE=(--)5V, IC=(--)1A IC=(--)5A, IB=(--)0.5A IC=(--)5mA, IE=0 IC=(--)5mA, RBE= IC=(--)50mA, RBE= IE=(--)5mA, IC=0 See specified test circuit. See specified test circuit. See specified test circuit.


The KRC102S-RTKA is a three-stage UHF amplifier module in a SOT482C leadless package with a plastic cover. The module consists of one NPN silicon planar transistor die and one bipolar monolithic integrated circuit mounted together with matching and bias circuit components on a metallized ceramic substrate.

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KRC102S-RTK Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
KRC102S-RTK 00+ 00+ SOT23/3 /3000
KRC102S-RTK 00+ 00+ SOT23/3 3000
KRC102S-RTK SOT-23 8498
KRC102S-RTK SOT-23 3860
KRC102S-RTK 00+ 00+ SOT23/3 10000
KRC102S-RTK 07+ 07+ 6000 SOT23 0
KRC102S-RTK 08+ 08+ 6000
KRC102S-RTK 00+ 00+ SOT23/3 3000 In stock
KRC102S-RTK 05+ 05+ KEC 4950
KRC102S-RTK 02+ 02+ KTEC 36000
KRC102S-RTK 02+ 02+ SMD 36000
KRC102S-RTK 99+ 99+ SOT23 KEC
KRC102S-RTK 02+ 02+ SOT23 3000 original environmental avaliable stock
KRC102S-RTK 05+ 05+ 6,000 STOCK
KRC102S-RTK 00+ 00+ SOT23/3 3000 (YJP)new original
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